For the last 10 years the ELITE Beach Cup has been one of your and our favorite events. Thousands of cheerleaders from all over Europe have shown their improvements every winter - surrounded by the water and the beach of this amazing location. But unfortunately as most good things come to an end, there will be no further Beach Cup editions. Due to recently new constuctions at the Tropical Islands and the huge amout of participants that can no longer be taken care of in this location we decided together with the Tropical Island Management GmbH to end our contract and collaboration. We would like to take the chance to thank the Tropical Islands management and team for the great cooperation and so many fun events! And of course we would like to thank all the participants and Beach Cup fans for their loyalty and trust over so many years. Lot´s of memories have been made and this special event will sure be missed!

But having a new project in the pipeline we are looking forward to the end of the year 2016 and another, new, Varsity Europe cheerleading competition in the best known quality. The German All-Level Championship which will be held in various cities throughout Germany. Open for all German and international cheer teams and all levels it offers the perfect start into a new season and preparation for further competitions.

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